The 134th Convention of the National Amateur Press Association

The Convention held at the Comfort Suites in Mineral Wells/Parkersburg, WV is now history. A total of 16 members and 6 guests or a total of 22 attendees from eight different states were there. West Virginia led the pack with six attendees, four each from Maryland and Ohio and three from Tennessee. There were two from Pennsylvania and one each from Colorado, Michigan and New York.

Harold Shive and Gary Bossler were co-hosts of the convention and planned a 19th century printing demonstration presented by Jean and Austin Jones of Point Pleasant, WV, along with side trips to the Mid-Ohio Valley Model Railroad Club, the Fenton Glass Factory, the Blennerhassett Museum, and a short trip to Wine Tree Vineyards.

The elections were held in a record time of 51 minutes and the results were as follows: President, Jack Visser; Vice President, Bill Volkart; Recorder, Martha 'Marti' Abell; Executive Judge, Arie Koelewyn; and Official Editor, Gary Bossler. The Convention site for 2010 was the Chicago area.  Nashville, TN was chosen as the site for 2011.

Gary Bossler tried to introduce 3 amendments to the constitution which he expressed in four ideas. They were not in technical form that an amendment should be written in and Arie Koelewyn took them with him to his room and did that so they could be submitted the next day. Gary then introduced them with printed copies for the members to read. They were strongly opposed by the Warners citing all sorts of negative  ramifications that they would lead to.  With no one speaking in support of merely putting them on the ballot, Gary then withdrew them.

On the last day of the convention, July 18, 2009, we received the sad news that Harold Segal had passed away. While we knew it was imminent, a sadness spread over the group.

There was a picnic held at the City Park in Parkersburg on Sunday following the convention. It was attended by 17 of the 22 Attendees. The Convention photo which was taken by David Warner, was then distributed to those in attendance. Most people chatted for a short time and then ate and left. Most, I guess anxious to get on the road, as some had five to eight hours of driving ahead of them,

We had an anonymous donation of $500 which was to be used to try to get more people to attend. Our understanding was that if the money was not used up it should then be used to underwrite the expenses of the convention.

To see pictures taken at the convention by GaryBossler (note: for the most part pictures are in the reverse order that they were taken) and the outstanding group picture taken by David Warner.  Click here to see pictures from the convention.