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The Guild presently (since the year 2000) is made up mostly of AAPA members and some people who are also members of NAPA. The group  was originated by a group of NAPA members  back in the 1970's. There is no constitution or by-laws, no dues, no officers. You don't have to be an Ohioan to join. If you ever went through Ohio or if you just kind of like Ohio you can join the group. It is just a group of like minded individuals who get together occasionally. The get-togethers are usually in relation to the planning of a convention of one of the amateur press associations lately. When the group started we had pretty regular meetings and printed a joint effort booklet once a year, called the OAPG Annual. This is when the group was pushed by Rev. Bill Boys, when he was living in Mansfield, Ohio. 

We understand there will be an AAPA picnic to discuss the upcoming AAPA Convention in Columbus, Ohio Aug 20-23, 2009.

We will meet on Sat. April 25 at about 11 am at Jack & Maurine Scott's at 15 mallard Point, Mount Vernon, Ohio. Soup, sandwiches and beverages will be supplied. You may bring a salad, dessert, or a snack. If you would like to attend please call Jack at 740-392-8896