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February 2, 2009 - I received a collection of bound volumes of The National Amateur from former NAPA president, Susan Duffey. They were given to her by deceased member Daniel Graham quite some time ago. There were12 volumes in all; 5 of the early 9x12 volumes and 7 of the later 7x10 volumes.  The large (9x12) volumes appear to cover the entire period from vol 1, No. 1 through to Vol. 52 No. 4. It will be some time before I can determine how complete they are. A quick examination of the first volume showed that some issues were missing.

In attempting to go through the first book, I got side-tracked because in 1891 and 1892 there seemed to be utter chaos and there were different issues of The National Amateur with different officers but the same Volume No. 14. One group had 6 numbers issued and the other group had 3 numbers issued. There seemed to be two NAPA's and it will take some close reading to figure out what was going on.